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Help DotA get into WCG
« : 21 Ноябрь 2007, 01:51:21 »
Most of you already know what the World Cyber Games is, but for those who don't, WCG is the biggest ESports event in the world.. With about 1 300 000 participants from 75 countries and 12 titles to obtain for honor, glory and money prizes.

However, these 12 games currently don't include DotA. There is an official vote to include other games, but DotA isn't included in this vote, how can we became a part of this mega esports event if we aren't even considered an option? The community will need to show to the WCG Administrators that we are a large community with competitive interests and show them that our game and our community is worth to be part of this amazing tournament. To achieve that, all that you need to do is to write an Вы не можете просматривать ссылки. Регистрация или Вход, the company behind the WCG, and tell them why DotA should be a part of the World Cyber Games.

In your e-mail, state why you want DotA to be a part of this tournament, things you can point out are the huge community and the already present prize tournaments. For more suggestions of things you can include in your e-mail, Вы не можете просматривать ссылки. Регистрация или Вход

If we want to see DotA at next years WCG we will need to fight it.There is no big gaming company behind dota like Valve, Blizzard or EA, the one and only thing that makes DotA interesting for the ICM is how big our community is and how many people are going to see the commercials of the WCG-main sponsors. We have more then 500 000 members, which is very big for game standards, we can join the WCG with the backing of the entire community. We need to be a part of the WCG main vote, because there is no USA WCG and there are no votings for the European WCG. This is our only chance - we need to fight for the WCG main event. And if you help us we have a very high chance of getting accepted into this prestigeous tournament!

Besides nice games and replays to watch everyone of you will have the chance to participate in the national qualifiers with your clan or team. The finals will be played offline on LAN much like the exciting tournaments of Dreamhack or the upcomming Fire and Ice. A very strong aspect of the World Cyber Games is that every country can have some spots, smaller countries with not so well-known Clans which normally don't have a big chance of making the playoffs of other big tournaments can take part in the LAN-finals of the WCG.

Thank you for reading, I hope you will help us to get DotA to the next level!

DotA на WCG... это дало бы больше возможностей для игроков и больший заработок организаторам.
дота - это карта, она не имеет отношения к Blizzard, бла-бла-бла...
это незрелищно и WCG не возьмется за это, бла-бла-бла...

но все же.. Вы хотели бы, чтобы дота стала официальной дисциплиной WCG?
... и стали бы вы смотреть воды или трансляции матчей?

vp > all :P
« Последнее редактирование: 21 Ноябрь 2007, 01:59:44 от Perfectum »
что такое бонус. это ли не троян какой нибудь)))))  народ не берите этот номер!!!! потом на компе такие бонусы будут (с) edwar


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Help DotA get into WCG
« Ответ #1 : 21 Ноябрь 2007, 10:23:24 »
да, вот дота на вцг была бы интересна :) тогда бы траффик я и на нее сливал бы :D


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Help DotA get into WCG
« Ответ #2 : 27 Январь 2008, 15:34:27 »
а я и так в неё целыми днями рублюсь.....ыыыыыы мне как друг показал я сраз начал по бателнету в пользовательских играх рабица=)))))